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manhole to manhole pipebursting and trenchless pipelaying

manhole to manhole pipebursting and trenchless pipelaying

Steel, Ductile and Cast Iron
pipebursting and trenchless pipelaying Concrete, Clay, and Pitched Fibre
pipebursting and trenchless pipelaying PE and PVC
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Traditionally, first generation pipebursting was limited to small diameter, low strength pipelines and was commonly accepted as having poor success rate. Considerable investment in the latest available technology had dispelled the restrictions previously imposed and pushed K'NEX pipelines into second generation bursting. This allows the on-line renewal of existing pipelines up tp 900mm OD irrespective of the material to include:

Futhermore, a wide range of equipment solutions are now available in-house, which allow the following burst options to be introduced:

  • Pit to Pit
  • Pit to Manhole
  • Manhole to Manhole

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