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Case Study 1 Knex is a tier one contractor carrying out work on behalf of the Welsh Water Capital Alliance Team The Ystradfellte Scheme consisted of 24.6 kilomters of Trunk Main starting at Hedrefydd Reservoir north of Glynedd and ends at Tynywaun Reservoir. VIEW 

Case Study 2 St Athan Sewer Infiltration Scheme St Athan is approximately 2 miles west of Cardiff International Airport, and the project involves the renewing of I km of pipeline and I I manholes. VIEW 

Case Study 3 The Gwendraith capital project consisted of approximately 7 kilometres of sewer upsize. Although the existing concrete pipeline was in good condition the system could not cope with the flows and had been discharging through the combined sewer out falls (CSO) into the river that run adjacent for a number of years. VIEW 

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